About Us

The Legist stands for a steadfast commitment to excellence and ethics in Legal Practices. Founded by experienced and inspired professionals, The Legist promises to make business easier, optimized and more productive for its clients by taking care of various legal complexities. The Legist is a Full Service Law Firm with a collective experience of over twenty years having a diversified clientele worldwide. The Firm caters to a wide range of clientele from technology to telecom sectors, manufacturing to retail giants and start-ups to corporate behemoths in the Indian Subcontinent. Ethos of The Firm is marked by the qualities of professionalism, excellence and dedication with a client focus approach. The Legist as a pragmatic and result oriented law firm has earned a huge reputation for providing practical, commercial and innovative legal services.

The team of Corporate Lawyers and Finance specialists offer services related to Corporate Law, Investments and Joint Ventures, Business Acquisitions, Legal Due Diligence, Employment Laws, Industrial Relations, Occupational Health and Safety, Disciplinary and Discrimination issues. Intellectual Property Laws are the forte of the firm and combating counterfeiting is our way of life. The domain specialists provide Website Track Down Services and conducts Brand Awareness Custom Training to curb cross border counterfeiting in Indian Subcontinent. Use of technology and innovative methods of trend analysis and information sharing between stake holders, implementation of best practices for fighting counterfeiting and environment friendly methods for disposal of seized counterfeit goods are at the core of activities. With a commitment to legal excellence we also understand our social and professional responsibilities. The Legist is actively involved in Legal Aid since its very inception. The Legist is the vanguard in fighting discrimination in all forms and manners and is committed to protect rights of women, children and deprived section offering them pro bono services. The volunteers at The Firm actively participate in Legal Awareness Programs run by 'Legist Foundation' in different parts of the country and help its clients run IP Awareness Programs in various institutions.

The Legist : Vision

The Legist believes in promoting and achieving international consistency in fighting counterfeiting in India and integrates international legislative and procedural reforms while synchronizing its activities with Government of India, WIPO, WCO, UNECE, INTERPOL and regional inter-governmental projects and programs. Our vision is marked by implementation of best practices for fighting counterfeiting and use of technology and innovative methods of trend analysis and information sharing between stakeholders. We are responsible towards Mother Earth and always explore environment friendly and sustainable methods for disposal of seized counterfeit goods.

Legist Foundation

A Trust registered under Indian Trust Act 1882 and with Income Tax Authorities; Legist Foundation focuses on securing legal and fundamental rights of people through various programs including research, survey, training, networking and advocacy. “Legist Foundation” is an endeavour to address concerns related to legal rights in various Government policies, projects and the implications of the same in the social life of people, be it general or marginalized. It also offers free legal aid to women, children and deprived sections of the society and provides them legal assistance at every possible juncture.

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